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Unleash your creativity with the world’s best manipulatives! Engage in problem-solving, explore patterns and collaborate with others.

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Tim Brzezinski
This jaw-dropping Mathigon update opens the doors to so many new student exploration & activity possibilities in geometry!
Mark Labuda
Hands down the best virtual manipulative site that I've ever come across. You can manipulate the tools to meet the needs of your lesson and access so many lessons. Amazing stuff
Sunil Singh
Polypad is quickly becoming the magical locus for most students/teachers and their interactivity with mathematics – and the joyous experiences that result!
Grant Sanderson
Mathigon is one of the greatest math resources out there on the internet, no question.
One of the most accessible and engaging maths resources available on the web, a true mathematical wonderland.
James Tanton
Mathigon is on its way to revolutionise maths teaching as we know it and what an honour to have explodingdots in their mix!
Andrea Biro
Can’t get over how much of a game changer Polypad is. I can manipulate the tiles and write/type on the screen as we go through the lesson together. Ss practice on their own canvases and I can see their work. Beautiful.
Adina R
If you haven't checked out Polypad and taken time to explore all its features, you're seriously missing out!
Kelli Holden
Working with area this week and loving how Mathigon makes it easy for my online learners. Their comment? “Using Mathigon feels like my birthday every day!” So grateful for this powerful tool.
Hunter P.
Polypad has been a game changer for virtual learning (and in-person learning).
Brad Vodden
If you are looking for some online math manipulatives, Mathigon is a game changer! My students love all the tools to represent and show your thinking. You can also save a template to get Ss started.
Mark Kaercher
Polypad is quickly becoming a powerful tool for ALL content areas!
Jean Hume
Wow. The Mathigon Polypad is a game changer! It fits perfectly with middle years math and PAA tasks. I can’t wait to try it with my kids this year! Thanks for this amazing resource!
Jayne Breton
Just heard a kid exclaim with enthusiasm “BAM! Polypad baby…”
Pip - Mathematics
Great reaction from a teacher I was working with today when I shared a task using Mathigon tiles - "I must let the rest of the team know about this site."!!! Highly recommend you take a look at
Geoff Krall
Polypad is an absolute game changer and I've only known about it a few months.
Maths Teacher Circles
Mathematical play. Which part of the Polypad are you drawn to play with most? This Mathigon playpit has been a go-to tool during Maths Teacher Circles explorations.
Maine Math & Science Alliance
While partnering with teachers this school year, we have used Polypad in Grades K-8 to model a new game, design and project images for math talks and much more.
Catherine Tang
Discovering all these amazing things on Polypad. This fraction strips manipulative is helping to make equivalent fractions very clear!
Check out this fabulous maths app for Middle school. Love the timeline! So many options for inquiry learning.

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