Journal of the Cambridge Mathematical Society

Eureka is one of the oldest recreational mathematics magazines in the world, published since 1939 by The Archimedeans, the mathematical society of Cambridge University. It contains mathematical articles on a wide range of mathematical topics, as well as puzzles, games, artwork and book reviews.

Authors have included Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, Fields Medallist Timothy Gowers, as well as Martin Gardner, Stephen Hawking, Paul Erdös, John Conway, Roger Penrose and Ian Stewart.

Issue 62

Pentaplexity (Sir Roger Penrose)
Hopes and Fears (Paul Dirac)
Quantum Gravity (Stephen Hawking)
Stein’s Paradox (Richard J Samworth)
Talking to Computers (Stephen Wolfram)
Pi in Fours (John Conway and Michael Guy)
Mathematics in Wartime (G H Hardy)
Consecutive Integers (Paul Erdös)
And many more…

Issue 61

The Liar Paradox (Prof. Keith Devlin)
Raptor Theory (Mary Fortune and Jonathan Lee)
When Logic Meets Geometry (Tom Avery)
Impossible Integrals (Damian Reding)
Finite Simple Groups (Prof. Cheryl Praeger)
Quantum Entanglement (Elton Zhu)
Fractal Finance (Aidan Chan)
Terrifying Transcendentals (Aled Walker)
And many more…

Issue 60

Physics and the Integers (Dr David Tong)
The Irrationality Machine (Prof. Ian Stewart)
Sand Ripples Dynamics (Peter Hatfield)
Dissecting Parallelotopes (Anja Komatar)
Morley’s Theorem (Elton Yechao Zhu)
Music, Groups and Topology (Philipp Legner)
Love and Tensor Algebra (Stanislaw Lem)
Writing about Mathematics (Clifford A. Pickover)
And many more…